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Electric v-type regulating ball valve

            Electric v-type regulating ball valve is a revolving ball valve adopting metal seat or metal to PTFE sealing, which combines the optimum control characteristic of ball valve and butterfly valve into an organic whole. Therefore, it can be not only used as a control valve but also cut-off valve.  


Main characteristics of V-Type regulating ball valve

        As the ball core of V-type regulating ball valve has V type structure which has shearing action to the seat. Therefore, suitable for controlling the related process parameters in the industrial enterprise in papermaking industry, chemical industry and metallurgy with turbid liquid which contains fiber or small solid particle, especially suitable for the automatic adjustment of the strong, turbidity slurry fluid and the fluid with suspended particle such as pulp, whitewater, and white liquor.


Work principle of orbit hard sealing ball valve

            Work principle: CAM principle makes the valve ball away from the seat sealing surface in a whirl. After rotating in place, the valve ball will be pushed into the seat to realize sealing. When the valve is in full open position, clockwise rotate the handwheel, under the help of the stem nut and thrust bearing, the stem began to descend and drive the sphere begin to spin. Connect rotation handwheel, precision spiral curve groove orbit on the valve stem, affect mutually with guide pin which is embedded in the orbit, driving the ball keep clockwise rotating with the valve stem. When the valve will be closed, valve stem drive the ball rotating 90 °completely without friction with the valve seat sealing surface. Continue to turn the handwheel, again the falling valve stem mechanically oppress the ball through the CAM structure on the bottom of valve stem, making the ball sealing surface contact closely with the valve seat sealing surface, so as to achieve the purpose of the seal.  


Trunnion mounted control Ball Valve

           Trunnion mounted control Ball Valve, designed to reduce noise, control cavitation and provide increased reliability. The trunnion mounted control Ball Valve is also designed to reduce the total cost of ownership for severe service applications in the oil and gas, chemical, liquefied natural gas and power industries. The trunnion mounted control Ball Valve design has its high-performance noise and cavitation-reducing trims. 


Top entry ball valve used with Liquefied Natural Gas


In recent years, site and contractor have insisted specifications for valves used with Liquefied Natural Gas on top entry design ball valves. At the same time, because lead times of valve manufacturer are often quoted in months not weeks, project procurement allows for substantial lead times, emergency maintenance and end of project requirements is still a problem for site engineers.

The Many Advantages of Using Ball Valves

        Plumbing valves which are considered to be better than some other kinds of valves may be thought to be simple to use and may adjust the high pressure, temperature and flow amount of the water pumps. Ball valves perform best in those situations once the fluid flow must be closed completely. Under such circumstances, it functions as the valve situated on the main line providing one with water in his home. In addition, ball valves may be compact and simple to protect from harmful external factors. They are corrosion resistant which are made from corrosion-repellent materials. Because of the simplicity of the installation process and the resistances, they have long life and the ball valves are extremely appreciated in the domain. Besides, they are safe functioning and have good seal performance.


Why Do Engineers Use Stainless Steel Ball Valves

             Tipvalve continues to develop new technology to improve operation services for a various businesses in a wide array of sectors. The stainless steel ball valve is the same, which has changed in shape and been modified to achieve maximum results over the years and is a reflection of technology advance.


The Brief Introduction of PE Ball Valve

PE short for Polyethylene is one of the most widely used plastics since the petrochemical products was developed. With the research for PE material, kinds of PE materials have been invented and used for transfer piping, as it has more properties with cheaper price, which is also widely used in the gas industry. And PE ball valve was first developed in the 70s by an American company and applied into gas pipe system. The PE ball valve is manufactured in countries, such as America, Japan, German, France, Korea, etc. With the wide use of PE gas pipe, PE ball valve is also widely used in china and even our own brand.



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