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Advanced Manufacturing Process of hard sealing ball valve


 Advanced Manufacturing Processes
1Supersonic Flame Spray Coating Process

Discharge Floating Ball Valve


According to special specifications and simple operation, Flanged Ball Valve is used widely in industry because of versatility and wide range of supporting pressures and temperatures. In general, the sizes are from 0.5 cm to 30 cm. materials for the valve body are metal, plastic or metal with a ceramic center. In addition, the ball is normally chrome plated which can enhance the durability and make the valve work perfectly at shutoff.

Introduction of metal hard sealing ball valve of Tipvalve


We TIP Valve Co., LTD specialized in VALVE market with our brand TIP VALVE for 12 years. Ball Valves and Butterfly Valves are our main products. ISO-9001-2008-EN and API6D are our main certificates.

The daily maintaining of electric ball valve


1It should be placed in dry and ventilate indoor and the two sides of access should be blocked.

Monel ball valve material: Monel K400 and Monel K500


Monel is a nickel alloy, which also contains elements of copper, iron, manganese, etc. Monel alloy is good in corrosion resistance and it is silvery white and suitable be used as edge silk material. Monel K400 and Monel K500 are the main kind of Monel alloy used in ball valve.


The introduction of Ferrite low-temperature steel


Ferrite low-temperature steel is an important material used for low temperature ball valve. Tipvalve can manufacture low temperature ball valves with Ferrite low-temperature steel such as LF2, LCB and LCC.

Brief introduction of Electric ball valve


Electric ball valve is simply stated as a ball valve controlled by an electric actuator to realize the open and closing. It can be divided in two parts: the first part is the electric actuator and low-half part is the valve. The electric ball valve works through the electric actuator to realize opening, closing or adjustment. The electric ball valve adopts integrated structure, can work with one single phase power AC220V and dc power 24 VDC. It has advantages of small volume, light, reliable performance, simple mating, big flow capacity.

Construction characteristics of Floating ball valve


Floating ball valve main characteristic is the ball without support axis, clamped by two seats in a "floating" state. Floating ball valve is mainly used for cutting off, distributing and changing medium’s flow direction. The main construction characteristics of the floating ball valve are sealing design for seat, reliable back sealing stem, fire prevention and anti- -static function, automatic pressure release and locking device, etc.

low-temperature steel used for ball valve

           The low-temperature steel is suitable for alloy applied below 0 ℃. Cryogenic steel or ultra-low temperature steel can be used below -196 ℃. Low-temperature steel mainly has the following performances: (1) Toughness-brittle transition temperature is lower than using temperature(2) Strength meeting the design requirements  (3) Stable organization structure under using temperature  (4) Good weldability and processing-molding performance  (5) Some special applications also require lowest magnetic conductance and cold shrinkage rate.


The definition and advantages of High-pressure ball valve


The definition of high-pressure ball valve
High-pressure ball valve is defined in the GB/T21465-2008 "valve term" as: the valve that its ball is driven by valve stem, and carries on the rotary motion around the axis of stem.


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