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top entry eccentric half ball valve

            Top entry eccentric half ball valve use that eccentric body, eccentric ball, seat and stem self-centering when make the rotary motion in common path and it is tighter during the close process and then completely achieve good sealing purpose. The valve seat completely break away the ball which eliminates the wear of sealing ring and overcome traditional problem of the wear among the seat, ball and sealing face. Nonmetal elastic material is embedded in metal seat and the metal surface of seat is well protected. Our products are especially suitable for medium of steel, aluminium, fiber, micro solid particles, paper and pulp, coal dust, liquefied petroleum gas, etc.


Top entry ball valve

          Top entry ball valve is widely used in oil and natural gas pipeline, and oil extraction, oil refining and petrochemical, chemical, chemical fiber, metallurgy, electric power, nuclear power, food and paper, etc. Top entry ball valve can be removed easily and quickly from the pipeline and is convenient to maintain. When the valve in the pipeline needs to be repaired, it’s no need to remove valve from the line, just pulling down the flange bolts and nuts, removing the bonnet and stem assembling unit from the body and the ball and seat assembling unit. Then we can repair the ball and seat online. The maintenance save time and reduce the loss to the least.


Features of Fully welded ball valve

            1. Blow-out proof stem: In order to prevent the stem from flying off, resulting in abnormal rising of the inner pressure of valve, the shoulder is fixed at the lower part of the stem. Moreover, for the purpose of  preventing leakage resulting from burnout of packing set of the stem in a fire, thrust bearing is set at the contact position of the shoulder at lower part of the stem and valve body. And an inverse seal seat is formed which will prevent leakage and avoid accident. 


High temperature resistant features of high temperature ball valve


High temperature resistant measures
When working in high temperature, because of the thermal expansion, up dead of the ball and seat of the valve is easy to be caused, leading to the valve unable to be opened. The high temperature ball valve is with Belleville spring or spring loaded sealing structure, under high temperature, the thermal expansion of parts can be absorbed by Belleville spring or spring. So the valve can be flexible to open and close under high temperature.

Monel alloy used for ball valve

          Monel alloy is a kind of high nickel alloy material. Its main component is 64% ~ 70% nickel and 26% ~ 33% copper. It will form a mutual fusion alloy freezing in a temperature interval in the metallurgical process, and the liquidity is poor and it is easy to promote the dispersed shrinkage. Because nickel alloy is easy to breathe mainly in H2, CO, etc. It causes further dispersed shrinkage and cause "hornet's nest" defects. What’s worse, it will connect each other and go through the whole casting. A big problem of Monel alloy in casting is that big grain promotes the shrinkage porosity impurities of the dendritic crystal separating in the boundaries. To solve this problem, a series of measures such as advanced vacuum smelting and vacuum casting is used at present, which ensures castings quality of monel alloy.


The Monel ball valve features

               Monel ball valve features: 

1. Small flow resistance:  Ball valve is a kind of valves with smallest fluid resistance, even fluid resistance of reduced bore ball valve is fairly small.

Electric stainless steel ball valve

           Introduction of TIPVALVE Electric stainless steel ball valve


The tests and maintenance of buried fully welded ball valve

                 Pressure test of buried fully welded ball valve before installation

The pipeline valve of Tipvalve should have pressure test before installed, in order to ensure the safety and rigor of the valve body.

The features of top entry ball valve

        Tipvalve TOP ENTRY BALL VALVE is mainly used in pipeline and industry system which has a top entry and on line maintenance function and a lot of advantages, such as small fluid resistance, reliable sealing, light weight, simple structure, small volume and convenience for operation and maintenance, as well as open and closing quickly.


Analysis of body and welding material of fully welded ball valve

                 1.      The analysis of body material



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