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Features of Trunnion Ball Valve

Trunnion ball valve is the new generation of high-performance ball valve,applicable to long-distance pipelines and general industrial pipelines,it take special consider about it's strength ,safty and resistant to bad environment when in designing,applicable to various corrosive and the non-corrosive medium.


fully welded ball valve

Fully-welded ball valve is used in recent years, oil and natural gas gathering and transportation pipeline hoist pieces of important works, I produced all-welded pipeline ball valve for split-type tube-like body structure, mainly by the body and the connector automatic submerged arc welded together, the two spheres from the upper and lower support plates support the use of combination of sealed valve seat structure and effect in accordance with dual-piston design for symmetrical two-way sealing valve seat, automatic discharge pressure at the same time, fire prevention, anti-static function .

parts for Forged Steel Ball Valve

Bronze Sculpture attributes a long history . The initial human usage of metal castings record vague, but equipped to guess: early hunters sitting around the fire, within a block of coal, Forged Steel Ball Valve , copper block melt and flow, for instance a flash of smallstreams, the moment weight around the flash variable cooling was harder to form the most up-tp-date shape.



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