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Various types of valve selection guide PART 2

Selected by the backflow valve to prevent MEDIA

This type of valve's role is only allowed to medium flows in one direction, the direction and stop the flow. This valve is normally automatic work, in a direction of flow of fluid under pressure, open the flap valve; When the opposite direction of fluid flow from the fluid pressure valve and the valve since coincidence role in the valve seat, thereby cutting off flow. One Check valve part of this type of valve, which includes a check valve and rotary movements Kai-check valve. Kai Xuan-check valve with the humble hinge institutions, there is a door the same as freely takes valve tilted on the surface of the valve seat. In order to ensure that each valve flap valve seat surface can reach the appropriate location, in valve design hinge agencies, in order to have enough valve Kai Xuan space, and the valve genuine and comprehensive engagement with the valve seat. All valve can be made of metal, can be embedded in the metal, leather, rubber, or to use synthetic coverage, depending on the use of performance requirements. Kai Xuan-check valve in the fully open state, almost unimpeded fluid pressure, the pressure drop through the valve relatively small. The movements of check valve located at Valve valve seal on the valve seat surface. Apart from this valve can be freely valveWater Control Valve movements, like the rest of the cut-off valve, the pressure of fluid from the valve seat valve seal surface lift, medium return led to the valve seat valve down, and cut off the flow. Under conditions of use, the valve can be all-metal structure, and can also be embedded in the rubber valve pad shelves or in the form of rubber ring. Like closing valves, fluid movements of check valve through the channel is narrow and therefore the lifting of check valve through the pressure drop Kai Xuan than some big-check valve, and the Rotary Kai-flow check valves are very few restrictions.

Various types of valve selection guide PART 1


Valve as a deadline for media use, in Full, the whole flow through, the media operation at this time minimum pressure loss. Valve usually do not apply to the regular gate, and maintain ram Full or total closure of the condition. As regulation does not apply to the use or expenditure. For high-speed mobile medium, open gate in the local conditions can cause the gate vibration, and vibration which may damage the gate and the sealing surface of the valve seat, while expenditure will ram the erosion of media. The structural form, the main difference is that the sealing components used in the form. According to seal components in the form of the valve are often divided into several different types, such as: wedge-type valve, the parallel-valve, twin parallel plate valve, the wedge-ram plate gate, and so on. The most commonly used form of wedge-type valve and parallel-valve.


Comprehensive analysis: Description of how many kinds of valves in China


About more than 2300 of valves produced three valve products provide several categories, more than 3500 varieties, more than 40,000 specifications.

monel ball valve

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Advantages

A ball valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve that uses a ball-shaped disk to prevent or begin flow. If the valve is opened, the ball rotates to a point where the hole through the ball is in accordance with the valve body inlet and outlet. If the valve is closed, the ball is rotated ,which causes that the hole is perpendicular to the flow openings of the valve body and the flow is stopped.


Anti-Static Device of Ball Valves

Tipvalve can manufacture the Ball Valves with Anti-static Device, and the Anti-static design is an important part in the process of producing. The Anti-static design of ball valves ensures an electric

Press the type to deal with workplace relations

in the workplace, there are three different modes: attack, succumbed and detached, their different style of dealing with workplace relationships. What type of person do you belong? Different types of people should be how to deal with workplace relationships, reduce the psychological stress due to interpersonal brought it?


General maintenance of Ball valve

          1. Before the disassembly, it must first be confirmed that the pressure of the pipe in the upstream and downstream of ball valve has been unloaded. Be careful to prevent damaging the sealing surface ofparts during the Disassembly and re-assembly, especially the non-metallic parts. In addition, special tools should be used to remove the O-rings. The bolts on the flange must be tightened symmetrically, successively and evenly during assembly. The cleaning agent should be compatible with rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and the working fluid such as gas. The petrol can be used to clean metal parts when the working medium is gas and Non-metal parts should be cleaned with pure water or alcohol.


The installation of ball valve

           1. The Preparation before the Installation: the pipeline before and after ball valve must be ready. The pipe around ball valve should be coaxial and the two flange sealing surfaces should be parallel. The pipe should be able to withstand the weight of ball valve. Otherwise, the pipe must be equipped with appropriate support. Purge the pipelines around the ball valve and clear out the oil, welding slag and all other impurities pipe. Check the ball valve marks if it is perfect and confirm ball valve can work normally by fully opening and closing the ball valve several times. Remove the valve protection on both ends of flange pieces. Check and clear the ball valve hole if there is any dirt. The sealing surface of ball valve seat may be damaged even if there are only small particles of foreign matter between the seat and the ball.


Introduction of pneumatic ball valve

           Pneumatic valve is coupled with pneumatic actuators which has relatively fast execution speed. The valve is called pneumatic quick disconnect valve due to the fastest switching speed of 0.05 seconds / time. Pneumatic ball valve usually configures various accessories, such as solenoid valves, air FRL, limit switches, positioners, and control boxes and so on. Pneumatic ball valve with these accessories can realize local control and remote central control by door switch and don’t need to go on-site or bring high altitude and risk of manual control. Time, human resources and security can be saved in large measure by this way.


Isolation Ball valve

           An Isolation ball valve, a type of quarter turn valve, can shut off the flow of Water and also be known as a ball fix valve. The ball valve can block the valve to stop the Water Flow. Isolation ball valves come in many sizes ranging from 0.5 cm to 30 cm to suit the pipe work in different systems.



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