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Performance of high pressure forging steel ball valve

High pressure forging steel ball valve is suitable for industries of chemical, oil and gas, metallurgical, etc and long distance natural gas pipeline containing hydrogen sulfide-bearing medium, lot impurities and is serious corroded.
The large pivot structure guarantee accurate center position of ball under high pressure and ensure that good operating performance of the valve. Standard seat adopts spring structure which pushes the seat to the ball and ensures the good entrance and exit sealing performance. Using own bleed valve, the middle cavity of the valve body can bleed outside. The pivot adopts blow out protection structure which effectively prevents leakage. The bearing with low friction coefficient makes the torque reduced to the smallest and convenient to open and close .The effective contact of valve stem and body makes superior performance of anti-static grounding device, etc. it also has the outstanding performance, high reliability, a wide range of applications and the reasonable price, etc.
Adopt moving leaf-spring preloading metal valve structure, reasonable sealing force design, flexible opening and closing and reliable sealing. According to the needs of users, it can be designed to apply to the medium containing the body particles and the high temperature resistant structure. Adopting bottom entry stem and setting back sealing structure can ensure packing place reliable sealing.
Forging steel ball valve using elastic loading structure ensures contact between ball sealing face and seat sealing in normal closing circumstances. In the high temperature condition, it can effectively compensation the trim that is expanding under heat, avoid card resistance caused by high turbidity, and is suitable for medium and small caliber and high temperature occasion.

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