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« Performance of high pressure forging steel ball valve

Ball valve structure simple

Ball valve structure simple, only by a few parts, materials consumption province; small volume, light weight, small installation size, small driving torque, pressure regulating valve, operation simple, agile, only can be rapidly rotating 90 ° opening and closing; and also has good flow regulating effect and sealing characteristics, scope of application in the large size, medium and low pressure valves, electric ball valve is the situation leading. Electric ball valve in full open position, the disc thickness is only when the medium flows through the body resistance, so by the valve pressure drop generated by small, it has a better flow control characteristics. Electric ball valve with elastic metal seal and the seal two kinds of sealed type.


Elastic sealing valves, seals can be mounted on the body or attached to the disc periphery. Take the service life of the valve metal sealing valve generally flexible sealing length, but it is very difficult to completely seal. Metal seal can adapt to high temperature, flexible seal is restricted by temperature, the defects. If the request to use as a flow control valve, it is important to accurately select the size and type of valve. The structure principle of electric ball valve is particularly suitable for production of large diameter valves. Electric ball valve is widely used not only in oil, gas, chemical, water treatment and other industries, but also for the thermal power plant cooling water system. The electric ball valves are commonly used to clamp type electric ball valve and flange type electric ball valve two. Clamp type electric ball valve is the valve connection between two pipe flanges stud bolt, flange type electric ball valve is a valve with a flange, bolts on both ends of the valve in the pipe flange connection flange. Strength properties of the valve is the valve to the medium pressure to. The valve is suffered the pressure of mechanical products, and therefore must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure the long-term use, without break or deform.


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