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The daily maintaining of electric ball valve


1It should be placed in dry and ventilate indoor and the two sides of access should be blocked.
2Long-term store electric ball valve should be checked regularly. The dirty should be cleared and the antirust oil should be coated on the processing surface.
3After the installing, the following items should be checked: (1) The abrade situation of the sealing surface (2) The abrade situation of trapezoidal thread of the stem and its nut. (3) Whether the packing is failure and the packing should be changed in time. (4) After the assembling of the valve, the sealing test should be carried on.
In the operation of the electric ball valve, all kinds of valve components should be complete and perfect. Flange and the bolt on the yoke are indispensable. The thread should be perfect without loose situation. Clamp nut on the handwheel should be timely tightened up to avoid the attrition on the connection or lose the handwheel when being loose. If the handwheel is lost, wrench is not allowed and new handwheel should be ready. Packing gland is not allowed to be skewed or no preloaded clearance. For the electric ball valve easy to be polluted by rain, snow, dust and sand, the valve stem should be installed with protecting cover. The gauge on Electric ball valves should keep complete, accurate and clear. In the operation of the electric ball valves the striking, standing or supporting weight is not allowed, especially the non-metal electric ball valve and cast iron electric ball valve.


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