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Electric stainless steel ball valve

           Introduction of TIPVALVE Electric stainless steel ball valve

      TIPVALVE Electric stainless steel ball valve has good quality and features. Electric stainless steel ball valve consists of electric actuator and stainless steel ball valves after debugging. In special condition such as some high altitude or not allowed with fire and power, the remote control or long distance centralized control can be realized. To a great extent, save the human resources and time and improve the safety of the operation. Electric stainless steel ball valve uses the power as motivation to lead the valve core rotate to realize open or adjusting function. When choosing different material, the electric stainless steel ball valve can apply for many kinds of medium such as water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing medium, urea, etc.

Operating principle
Actuators of Electric stainless steel ball valve can directly receive the 4 ~ 20 m ADC or 1 ~ 5 VDC control signal output by computer or industrial instruments with 220 VAC power source. according to the comparison deviation of the valve position feedback signal and set value to carry on the intelligent motor step adjustment (PID regulation), accurate positioning of matched valve or other devices opening positioning can be realized and 4 ~ 20 m ADC position feedback signals can be output at the same time. Its core control component the electronic servo controller apply modern digital technology with DCS/PLC standard design combined with setting signal acquisition, processing, feedback, control. The electric actuator adopts original electronic brake circuit with additional mechanical damping device eliminate inertia, which can instantaneously stop and positioning without oscillation with more than 0.3%positioning precision. Silicon controlled output, quick action time, stable output, high reliability. The actuator is particularly suitable for medium in occasion that is sticky, containing grain and in fiber properties. At present, the valve is widely used for industrial control coefficient in food, environmental protection, light industry, petroleum, the papermaking, the chemical industry, the teaching and the scientific research equipment and power industries, etc.
1. The valve sealing structure, including working sealing and maintenance sealing, with advantages of small operating torque, moderate sealing pressure ratio, reliable sealing, smart action, being easy to realize the automatic control and long service life
2. Pressure and temperature rating is not only related to shell material, but related to sealing elements materials such as seat, packing, gasket, etc. the sealing elements can be high polymer materials, asbestos or rubber and the choice of sealing material depends on which the delivery medium composition, working temperature, pressure and flow rate of valve.
3. The bottom should be in accordance with ISO05211 with low noise, self locking function, reversal preventing, stable and reliable transmission parts. Reliable torque sensor system can achieve overload protection and show window makes the position indicator clearer


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