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Main function of high pressure forging steel ball valve

          TIPVALVE: Main function of highpressureforgingsteelballvalve

The pressure of stagnant medium in middle cavity of valve rises because the temperature changes, pressure of medium push seat away from the ball and achieve the effect of automatic pressure release. Valve seat reset automatically after pressure relief.
In addition to general seal, Seat is set with special sealing structure, which can take emergency action when leakage appears because of the damage of sealing ring.
When the fire or abnormal temperature makes seat sealing ring burnt or soft, the valve operation is still reliable, and at the same time, seat and ball form temporary metal to metal sealing function and prevent the fire further expanding, which is in line with the provisions of the AP16FA.
Turn out eliminating device can check whether the seat occurs leakage. It also can clear the retentate in the middle cavity and reduce the pollution to valve. In the working status, the valve is in full open or closed, which can replace the stuffing box near the stem.
The sealing of valve stem parts adopts double seal with PTFE packing and o-ring, especially suitable for gas medium. Movement parts of stem adopt high quality SF lubricated bearing which makes small friction coefficient and reduce operating torque.

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