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316 stainless steel ball valve with internal thread the CF8M detailed instructions

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threaded ball valve CF8M
316 stainless steel ball valve, it has rotated by 90 degrees action, cock body as spheres, circular through-hole or channel through its axis. The ball valve in the pipeline is mainly used for cutting, assigning and changing the direction of flow of the medium, it requires only rotated by 90 degrees of operation and a small rotational torque can be closed tightly. The most suitable valve switch, use the shut-off valve, but the recent development has been the ball valve designed to give it throttle and control the flow, such as V-ball valve.
316 stainless steel threaded ball valve is characterized by its own compact, reliable sealing, simple structure, easy maintenance, the spherical surface and seal often in the closed state, is not easy to be medium erosion, ease of operation and maintenance for water the general working medium of the solvents, acids, and natural gas, but also applies to the working conditions of media, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene, has been widely used in various industries. Ball valve can be a whole, it can be modular.
316 stainless steel threaded ball valve advantages: 1. Fluid resistance is small, full bore ball valve basic flow resistance.
2. Simple structure, small size, light weight.
3. Close and reliable. It has two sealing surfaces, and valve sealing surface material widely used kinds of plastic, sealing, and can be completely sealed. Also been widely used in the vacuum system.
4. Easy to operate, opening and closing rapidly, from fully open to fully closed as long as the rotation of 90 °, to facilitate remote control.
5. Easy maintenance, simple structure, ball valves, seals are generally active, demolition replacement is more convenient.
6. When fully open or fully closed, the ball and seat sealing surface and the dielectric isolation, through the media, does not cause erosion of the sealing surface of the valve.
7. A wide range of application, the path from childhood to a few millimeters to a few meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied.
8. Wiping performance of the ball valve in the opening and closing process, it can be used in the medium with a suspension of solid particles. the
nominal pressure: PN0.5-16Mpa
Operating Temperature :0-550 ℃
Nominal Diameter: DN15-150mm
connection: flange, thread, welding
316 stainless steel ball valve with internal thread Material: 304,316,ball valves,304 L, 316L, SS316, WCB, WC6, WC9, CF3, CF8, cast steel, cast iron, ductile iron, forged steel, stainless steel.
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