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Features of Trunnion Ball Valve

Trunnion ball valve is the new generation of high-performance ball valve,applicable to long-distance pipelines and general industrial pipelines,it take special consider about it's strength ,safty and resistant to bad environment when in designing,applicable to various corrosive and the non-corrosive medium.

1.Fire structure:To stop fire or the heat appear,Make PTFE seals burned,happen large leakage,so help the fire,set the safe sealing ring between ball and seat ,when the sealing ring burning ,ueder the action of spring ,make the seaing ring push to ball quickly, forming metal to metal seal,Have certain degree of sealing effect.refractory testing accord with APl6FA and APl607 standard .

2.Drain pipe:it is all set drainboles up and down of body, It can check seat whether occurs leakage or not . When working ,valve in full open or full close, will relife the lumen pressure, which can replace the packing directly.It can discharge the lumen's stickers and reduce the medium make pollution to valve.

3.Automatic relief function:When the stagnation medium pressure in valve lumen anomalies higher than the pre-tightening force of spring ,Seat back from the ball,achieve automatic relief effect,seat automatic reset after pressure relife.

4.Operation save effort:ball support by fluctuation bearing ,reduce the friction,Eliminate the inlet pressure due to push the spheroid and seal seat sealing load of the torque caused by excessive.

5.Sealing is reliable:PTFE unisexual sealing materials embedded in stainless steel seat, The metal valve seat end with spring make sure sealing enough pre-tightening force, sealing wear when the valve is being used , the valve to ensure good sealing under the spring action .


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